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Thread: SRB2 2.1.20 being detected as a trojan

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    Question SRB2 2.1.20 being detected as a trojan

    I was trying to play SRB2. Then Windows Defender detected a trojan horse called Trojan:Win32/Azden.B!cl. I deleted the virus. It affected srb2win.exe. It deleted it too. That meant i can only play SRB2 in DirectDraw mode.
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    According to Mystic, it's a known issue that the SRB2 2.1.20 patch is creating false positives in some antivirus software.

    What should you do? Well, you should probably just wait for the next SRB2 patch to be released. It'll hopefully be soon since it prevents people from playing, not to mention being a bit scary.

    Though, if you know what you're doing, you can exclude srb2win.exe from being scanned by adding srb2win.exe as an exclusion in Windows Defender's virus & protection settings.

    Link to Mystic's post:
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    Or disable it until you fully download it.
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