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    i have make a level pack the level pack have 7 levels.
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    All opinions are my own and are to be taken with a grain of salt.

    -Small Forest Zone really lives up to the name "small" here, it is short, but still pleasing to the eye. Enemies are scattered nicely, the sky is nice and high above the player, the path is nice and wide too. Definitely would like to see this expanded, and also possibly given more of a "forest" feel, perhaps with some trees or other such things.

    -Big Forest Zone is okay, the platforming is interesting, but having a long dead end branch might not be the best for Sonic players. The water textures here are flat currently, I'd suggest adjusting that when possible. Other than that I'd say to just keep expanding this level like the last. Perhaps these two levels could even be combined into one Forest type zone?

    -Canyon Zone needs to be worked on for certain, there are a lot of visual issues with the level, perhaps a way around this could be closing in the walls closer into a path for the player to take, instead of one open area.

    -Advance Zone needs a more visible water texture, as well as a way for Sonic players to get out of the water in a timely manner if they fall in.

    The following zones follow suit, having basic platforming, visual errors scattered, and short life spans currently. An average level took a minute or less to complete as they are. These are okay as very early alphas, but definitely need to see a lot of work put into these before any form of official release can be seen. As said in the other thread for sc_eggmanbase.wad, please read up on Level Design 101 further. On top of this, just work on the theme of each level a bit more. Instead of everything in one big box zone, think about what each area might have, a forest compared to a dessert, or a city. What someone might expect to see, such as tall skyscrapers, or a sea of trees depending on the zone. In brief this has promise.

    Also if you plan to include sc_eggmanbase.wad with your level pack, I can close the other thread for you?

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