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Thread: What do you think of the games not starring Sonic

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    Post What do you think of the games not starring Sonic

    I already published this in the SrbMB but I wanted to know the opinion of the people around here well I made this thread to know your opinion of the games of the franchise not starring with sonic

    In my opinion, I think they were a good way to give more background to the characters with stories centered on them, and in addition allowing us to play more with their abilities, the bad thing is that I have seen a lot of people who hate them because of which we do not have any more games of that style which is bad at least for me because I would like to see that the games will not focus so much on sonic and focus more on the other characters personally I would like a game starring with Tails or Eggman, although I see the second a little impossible, but hope is the last thing that is lost
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    I still remember back in the 2000s when SEGA ran a poll of "which character would you like to see star in a game" in which I voted for Tails. Then 2005 happened and we got Shadow the Hedgehog as a result of that poll (among other things I'd assume).

    That aside, while I would not be opposed to the idea of Sonic media without Sonic in the protagonist role, I still think SEGA has some leg work to do with Sonic on the video game side of things first (the last three main games being Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces, and Team Sonic Racing, two of which didn't do so well critically. And while other parts of Sonic media, namely animations and comics are doing very well, and I think the direction SEGA are taking is a positive one, I still feel we need to wait and see how main Sonic games go before we can be hopeful of successful spin off games again.

    That noted I do enjoy Shadow the Hedgehog and like Tails Adventure quite a bit, so overall not opposed to the idea once SEGA gets proper footing again.

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