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Thread: HMS123311: Remastered

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      HMS123311: Remastered

      Version: 1.2, by (Lumberjack Yandere) Wolfy is offline
      Developer Last Online: May 2016
      Category: [Character] SRB2 Version: v2.1.x   Rating:  (1 votes - 5.00 average)
      Submitted: April 1st, 2014  
      WAD File Contains Lua Character(s)
      Music / SFX(s)  

      LOLZ, DATS the newly ported 2.1 edition of HMS123311 after more than two weeks in development! cool right?! Yeah, this is the extra-special Remastered Edition created through lots of blood, sweat, toe-stubbing, and porting over collision code from outdated C code. Chock-full of new abilities, the Remaster also includes the iconic Voice version of HMS123311 alongside the default version, for you to decide if you want more(or less) of the Overpowered Recolor Experience®! Of course, you don't want to spend your time all on the fancy intro paragraph, do you? Onward to the showcase!

      Fear my overpowered recolor!

      Overpowered qualities!

      Ha, that didn't hurt me, you only hit my toe!

      PLZ DONT LOOK!!1!11
      Ability List:
      (for those who didn't already know it)
      • Chaos Control Armageddon Multi-Thok
      • Hyper Spindash
      • Permanent Attraction
      • Permanent Elemental Flames
      • Permanent Drown/Suffocation resistance
      • No ring-drain Super mode
      • Advanced S_SKIN values
      • Match Super in SP/Co-op/Race
      • BossKillâ„¢
      • Resistance to Toe-stubbing
      • Incredible Backstory writing
      • More to come!

      NO WAI
      Known Bugs:
      • Some mobjs are deleted/killed on contact if not on a whitelist
      • Chaos Controlling into certain sectors can kill you


      Version 1.2
      • Complete code refactor
      • Chaos Control has minimal support for "breaking" glass FOFs. No visual effect for it, but HMS can remove their solidity.
      • Incomplete collision code (will be commented out)
      • Bugs with adding HMS in the middle of a netgame have been fixed.
      • Bugs with switching skins from HMS have been fixed.
      • Fancy sparks from 1.09.4 have been ported successfully.
      • Added some extra entries to the whitelist script.
      • Made mobj kill detection a lot better.
      • HMS doesn't endlessly rise when dying.
      • Removed footcancer. Again.
      • More bugfixes, most of which I forgot.
      • HMS is disabled in ringslinger gametypes. I shouldn't have to point out why it would be a bad idea to keep him enabled.

      Version 1.1
      • Almost every single bug has been fixed by Katmint! Now you can enjoy recolor glory in peace!
      • Whitelist updated. Should no longer cause issues in ERZ3 and NiGHTS mode.
      • Abilities will no longer function in ringslinger gametypes.
      • Frame-freeze after finishing the level have been fixed.
      • All instances of super transform loops have been fixed.
      • Removed footcancer.

      Version 1.0
      • Initial Release.

      Along with what's been shown, the wad also has numerous surprises along with some acutal OC in the form of transformation sprites done by the legendary MotorRoach! Mirror

      Keep yourselves posted for updates, as I'll be sure to(attempt to) deliver on those!


      Additional Notes

      • Please be mindful of using other people's works. If the modification is not marked as "Re-usable Content", ask the developer for permission before using their work in your mod.

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    I was waiting for you to release this!
    This was my favorite wad back in 1.094, and now he's MORE overpowered!

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    Quote Originally Posted by a cat the destroyer View Post
    Yea, that Rosy wad was more overpowered. I laughed so hard because this is horrible. Is the an April Fools Joke? Funny though, but still wheres the quality?
    You are, by all means, an idiot.

    Allow me to compare us, directly. First, you attempted to release a 2.1 port of Rosy.wad, correct? Which I did play and still have. Instead of compensating for her hammer jump ability(and porting the wad without permission), you decided to give her a horribly implemented CA_FALLSWITCH multiability, which practically allowed her to fly. That's quite overpowered obviously enough, but that's for a character that isn't even meant to be overpowered. HMS123311 - Remastered Edition, was one of the first characters with lua scripted abilities I ever touched. The script went into many major revisions and I had to learn many things along with getting help from many people in order to put this together. Like it or not, this wad took loads, and loads, and loads of effort. Something your wad lacked. I could throw a build of Rosy.wad with CA_FALLSWITCH in less than five minutes and distribute it on the MS/skybase. But no average person could put together a wad like this. A wad that not only contains original scripts(HellHawk's Chaos Control script, for one), but custom transformation sprites that weren't ripped straight out of another wad's set as well, and the neat SOC used for voice. This wad was a community joke, and here I am glorifying it, yes. But if you say it doesn't have effort or quality, I believe you to be gravely mistaken. Don't try to pass my wad as inferior to your garbage when clearly there was effort put into this that yours lacked. You're disrespecting all of the 14 people that contributed to the creation of this(sort of) masterpiece.
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    You told him, Wolfy!

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    I had fun with this WAD, This was literally my favourite OP character since it was made in the final demo (1.09.4)... However, Most of the time he dies by going through FOFS such as the glass in the new THZ2. I was pwning GFZ1 with the WAD... Now if you excuse me... I'M GONNA OWN SRB2 WITH DIS WAD! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
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    I hosted with this WAD, and me and Super Mystic Sonic just screwed around to see how many things we could break. Our conclusion: HMS123311's true weakness is windows (and footcancer).
    I love this character ~

    Husbando to a special kitty~♥

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    I love clipping up walls using his thok!
    Especially in DSZ1. The higher route is no match for my overpowered recolor, with overpowered qualities!

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    This dude. he is super gotta go fast.
    I somehow saved the world from destruction.
    (this happened in a roleplay server.)

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    Brak Eggman is no match for HMS123311, with overpowered qualities!

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