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Thread: Kirby: Triple Deluxe for 3DS due in May

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    Kirby: Triple Deluxe for 3DS due in May

    As part of trying to get some more discussions going, I will start making threads for upcoming games when I can, I will start with the 3DS and one of it's newest big titles "Kirby: Triple Deluxe"

    Official Website

    At a glance from the videos shown of gameplay, this looks like a port of Kirby's 20th for the 3DS, which isn't exactly bad though, especially since we can see decent console graphics on one of the most popular handhelds to date. The game seems to take high advantage of the 3DS gimmicks from 2.5D stages, to the gyro controls, again not exactly bad if used correctly. One of the best features here is obviously the multiplayer mode, supporting up to 4 people, also looking like a kirby only mimic of Super Smash Bros., but at this moment rather it supports WiFi multiplayer or not is yet to be seen, but should be soon, but one thing to question is the message on the website saying "Additional systems required for multiplayer mode; sold separately."

    Quote Originally Posted by Website
    Devour trees, obstacles, and just about everything else with Kirby’s brand-new Hypernova ability in his new adventure, Kirby™: Triple Deluxe. He's also got epic new copy abilities, like Archer, Bell, and Circus. Plus, a new multiplayer battle mode, Kirby Fighters, lets you challenge up to three friends at once.
    Add in fun extra game modes, dynamic stages, and collectible keychains, and you've got the biggest, most "deluxe" Kirby game ever.
    This game at first looks very nicely made and promising, but it all depends on how the game is received, it's coming out on May 2nd, of 2014; What are all of your thoughts on this new game in the Kirby series?

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    I am a very late fan of Kirby as I only played one of the games on N64 1 year ago but this game looks really interesting so I may not buy it very late. Damn, I can only get it on the 15th of May over here.
    By the way, you just reminded me of this:, however that should be discussed on another thread.
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    Jesus. Now I need to save for a 2DS AND Mario Kart 8..

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    The release date has been known for a while but, I am really loving the graphics for this game, I wish the New mario bros series could do this, have always been a huge fan of kirby since the N64 release and cannot wait to get this game, my only issue is that we have to wait 3 months for the US release while japan got it like a month after it was announced, none the less I just wanna say that kirby isn't the ONLY character playable in story mode!
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    I want this game sooo bad.
    Good thing it comes out a few weeks before my birthday!

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