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Thread: SRB - New Horizons Beta RELEASE!

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    July 30th, 2014
    This mod's pretty cool. Just played thru it and I decided to corrupt FRZ1-3, Beta FRZ3, and Beta GHZ. As well as the Boss stuff.

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    March 3rd, 2013
    In France, I believe.
    Why can't I leave a level to Ors and get it back as normal? He always do magnifiscent things... In fact that's why I leave him my levels while I'm off...

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Wanna know what's goin' on?
    I think yes, so here's the progress of IVZ1, as I decided to extend it for at least 30 more seconds of gameplay,
    Here are some screenshots in OpenGL for eye safety.

    Here's a screenshot of a small area that you can acces by a snow-slide, pretty area made by Ors, as we worked together for this level

    Here's a screenshot of the Crawla boss that is the guardian of the Volcano (amazing backstory) Once beaten, you can acces to the last part of the level which is being make.

    Here's a small coridor with a lava river that pushes big Ice Blocks, not a good idea to go with them, unless ya want to die.

    And here's an enormous outdoor area that will probably help you for the score emblem, unless the biggest amount of points is somewhere else?

    And aside of that?
    Some other minor things were done, such as the Bronze and Silver rings monitor pannels that now flip and have a yellow border. I also swapped Gold and Silver Rings monitor as a reference to 1.09.x.

    Any new level in work?
    Yup, the 1st special stage is coming up, and they will be races with Metal Sonic, there are no screenshots for the moment because of the level being way too incomplete (No things at all, just the level design itself and poor decorations so meh)
    There's also Heaven Ascend 1 that is done, here are screenies...

    The first outdoor area

    The laggy sector with a strange red liquid... What could it be?

    The factory's entrance!

    The last building!

    - - - - - - - - - -

    V 1.7.0 release!
    This will probably be the last BIG update.
    Yes, this is alive, and should be moved back to the Modification subforum!

    Major changes
    *Added Icicle Inferno Zone 1 & 3 and Heaven Ascend Zone 1
    *New first special stage

    Minor changes
    *Metal Sonic boss fight fixed
    *New buffgauge graphics and level-up system

    *SOCs error on loading. Was lazy to fix this.
    *Some HoM and thingies in software due to renderer limitations. Cannot really do anything without changing the level layout.

    (Sorry, the Skybase cannot handle such a big file in its uploader.)

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Have you ever wondered how bad was New Horizons supposed to be?
    Play through the early betas of the levels that were planned for the mod, but removed, such as Floral Cove's first version of its 2nd act that had to be restarted 3 times! Get it here:

    The download is a separate file because of the HUD changes, and the fact that it would make the file way bigger.

    Level List, spoiler, duh.

    -Floral Cove Zone 1, 2 and 3
    -Icefield Volcano Zone (old)
    -Crisis City Zone
    -Stormy Shelter Zone


    As a separate note, I can announce the removal of the Buff Gauge for the upcoming versions of the main New Horizons files.
    I was planning something, tough I don't know if you would be interrested firstly:

    -Firstly, I would just entierely get rid of Tails of Knuckles' playability for the level pack. Don't get mad at me, the interresting part is coming.

    -I would -shamelessly- add Sylveon.

    -Levels would be rebuilt in a way that Sonic and Sylveon have their OWN paths, using their abilities. Like Knux specific paths do, but for almost every level, if not just every.

    -I also plan minibosses for each level, those being stronger versions of an in-level enemy.

    I know adding Sylveon seems -from me- like I just want it there because I like it (Which is true, of course, I won't lie), but I think this would add some more diversity to the gameplay, having a really fast one and a slower one, both using the character's abiltiies (Sonic will probably have the Homing Attack.)

    Suggestions? Or insta-scrap?
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