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Thread: Tikal/TikalX.wad for 2.1

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      Tikal/TikalX.wad for 2.1

      Developer Last Online: Jan 1970
      Category: [Character] SRB2 Version: v2.1.x   Rating: 
      Submitted: April 28th, 2014  
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      Well, since I've noticed that someone else hasn't posted the port of Tikal I did, (and since if I remember correctly, finding the 2.0 version of the wad is how I discovered SRB2) I decided I might as well post it here myself.

      Quote Originally Posted by mb.srb2 submission thread
      Well, I recently found out that 2.1 was released not too long ago, so I figured I'd try out the new version. After doing that, I checked to see how many of the character wads were already ported. Apparently not many, which made me sad. This is for the Tikal fanatics out there (pretty much just me), who really want to play as her again. It only took about 30 minutes (most of it was figuring out why she wasn't appearing in single player correctly and/or adjusting the info message), but as far as I can tell there's no glitches (please tell me if I'm wrong!). I've set her jump height back to her original's, but left speed, etc. the same as the most recent version of TikalX.wad. This is because the lower jump height (which was lower than Knuckles's BTW) made her a pain to play in at least one specific CTF map (don't remember the name of it, it was the green forest-y one from 2.0) when she had the flag. I might make a version with the jump height lowered as well, if anyone REALLY wants it, but it should just be a simple value edit, easy for anyone who knows even the most basic things about .wad editing, so I didn't find it necessary. Huge credit to Hunter Orion for the original .wad.

      EDIT: Just realized screenshots were supposed to be attachments, sorry...

      EDIT2: Fixed the endsign and life monitors, I forgot that changed in 2.1...



      Additional Notes

      • Please be mindful of using other people's works. If the modification is not marked as "Re-usable Content", ask the developer for permission before using their work in your mod.

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    That's is very nice port.
    Good Job!
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