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Thread: Park Valley [Reborn]

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      Park Valley [Reborn]

      Version: 1.0, by (SnowFox #63) SnowFox is offline
      Developer Last Online: Jan 2020
      Category: [Level Pack] SRB2 Version: v2.2.x   Rating:  (1 votes - 4.00 average)
      Submitted: January 19th, 2011  
      WAD File Level(s)

      My Wad, Park Valley!

      Merry Christmas! Have an update on Park Valley!

      Park Valley is a hangout map designed for exploring, with quite a bit of things to find. With some story elements to itself as well.

      Don't let it get to you. Sometimes better comes from something new

      Big update! The map has been resized! Software mode is now supported fully.

      -Due to a 2.2 bug with Change Music, the music room in the museum is closed off, this will be reopened when a patch with the fix is out. (You can still enter it if you load Park Valley in Singleplayer, or check the music in Sound Test)

      Park Valley Carnival Updates
      After a lot of time, I finally spruced up the beta a bit more and added some of the newer features

      Restaurant (instead of a food stand)
      Ring Toss
      Lost n' Found Booth (WIP)
      Prize Booth (WIP)

      We also have 4 open slots for anyone that wants to have a personal booth in this wad.

      Attachment 5755
      Attachment 5756
      Attachment 5757
      Attachment 5758

      UPDATE(July 17 2013): Park Valley Carnival (Beta) *Outdated*

      Park_Valley.wad - The main wad (Or recent version)
      M_PKB.wad - (for version 2.1, outdated) A remastered Park Base that's more for 1v1s. A replacement for Park Valley The Past, which is something I hated to look at for years.

      Pictures of 5.2
      Attachment 8221-A Skybox
      Attachment 8222-A new look for the Hotel + 4 more rooms
      Attachment 8223-A tiny new home
      Attachment 8224-Modified Frost Columns 2.0 blocked off in Match modes

      Old updates
      2.0/2.1 Changelogs
      Update:2.4.3 Beta
      Update 1
      Added more room for the map and more things...
      A food place has been added...
      The secret (my home) is not a secret anymore (trying to edit the place so it wont feel... copied...).

      Update:2.4.3 Beta
      Quick update!
      Fixed storyline

      Patch 1
      Music and sound file in file!

      Update: Beta, Public Test version.
      Update 2
      Fix Texture Error in food place
      (thanks to Wind) New Link for the patch (PV-music.wad) The Mirror Is a instant download.
      Add more stuff in Joey's home (Still cant get in, still trying to put more in there)
      (Srb2CB Only:Skybox,Ballon fountain)

      Update = 2.4.7 Beta
      Fixed some texture errors
      Changed grass textures (again)
      deleted some flame sprites, to turn down the lag alittle to 34/35
      Fixed for less lagged online mode
      Added soem more stuff in the "home area" (Joey's home for that matter) but still locked from getting in the castle :/.
      Looking for some people to help me on this wad...
      Added colormaps in water.

      Update = 3.0.2 beta
      I have no idea what this update was, I guess it was something with the hotel?

      UPDATE: 4.0B (lets skip some numbers shall we?)
      Fixed issue with the music/sky changes between the park and the house.
      Changed the cut scene text temporarily to say its a conversion.
      Removed extra Player 1 spawn point (now you should start in the normal place)
      Added Player 2-6 so people don't spawn on top of each other

      UPDATE: 4.3
      The secret update.
      Changed the teleport to the other area so it would be more of an entrance.
      Added 2 more rooms in the Hotel with TVs!
      Fixed up the random Placement of rings and monitors.
      There was left over wall textures I found when Markus was editing the map, so I used one of them in the hotel.
      I added a few textures, but they are mainly for consistency reasons as to fit other textures, but also one that's mainly a joke I pasted on one of the TVs
      [Hotfix 3/4/18] I rebuilt the nodes so there are less graphical issues in OpenGL.

      UPDATE: 5
      The map is now smaller! It was enough to get rid of visual bugs in software and make it look better too. (or at least in my opinion)
      Fixed some textures being misaligned somewhat
      Fixed textures being either missing or wrong
      Adjusted several sectors and items to fit the resize of the map.
      Software mode is now fixed up cause of the resize. (Oh thank god)
      NOTE: Due to update 2.1.22 big rooms will no longer have glitch artifacts so any old version of Park Valley will also have Software mode supported.

      Update 5.2
      The cutscene that shows general changelog before the level loads is now been removed
      Added Version Number to the end of Park_Valley.wad
      Updated the Hotel's Interior textures, while also adding 4 more rooms
      Added a Skybox as mentioned back in 2013
      Added a new tiny home for people to hang out in
      Added Stairs that goes onto the edges of the map, no more jumping from higher points and water boosting to get up there as Sonic now
      Added a Picnic area
      Blocked off the Modified Frost Columns 2.0 during match modes if people so desire to play match on the map
      Park Valley can be selected in Match modes
      Moved emerald locations
      Made every door Intangible so people can't be crushed by the vertical doors.
      More Ring Placements
      Removed some flowers to help counterbalance performance with new ring placements
      Modified a small part of the river
      Removed the Change Sky linedef actions for modifications that add a day and night cycle.
      Adjusted Frost Columns brightness in some places to it being day instead of cloudy.

      Update 5.4
      -Put Park Valley into a PK3 to decrease filesize (By almost half of the newest dev build)
      -Added credits in the MAINCFG lump
      -Added who created the map into the subtitle
      Map Changes/Additions
      -Expanded the Crystal Area and change the way you lower the wall to enter it
      -Also added another exit to the Crystal Area at the end so you don't have to go backwards to leave
      -Added Park Valley Museum, which is unfinished for now but enjoy some of the history of it that I have in it already!
      -Adjusted Main Area Skybox to be less taxing to performance
      -More brightness adjustment changes in FC2.0
      -Fixed some holes in the map that can be seen in OpenGL
      -Getting set for the Frost Columns 2.0 House rework by adjusting some minor things
      -Added a palette thats activated when loading into the map (Must be in software to see the colormap)
      -Lowered brightness of some areas of the map for the palette to be full effect

      Version 5.5
      -Adjusted some texture alignments
      -Adjusted the skybox
      x-removed the Halloween palette
      -Reworked the FC house area with replaced textures, added details, adjusted some things, ect.
      -Added more things to the museum
      -Added a lua that puts information on screen about any map image you're looking at
      -Added another music track that was used for PV at one point
      -Added another jukebox to set the music to default
      -Adjusted the walkway that goes into the entrance to the museum
      -Added a bathroom to the tiny house.
      -Added little flower areas in front of the hotel and behind the tiny house
      -Some other changes I don't remember at this moment

      Version 5.6 (Wait... Its not CHRISTMAS YET! 2 edition)
      Christmas event starts!
      -Textures, Flats, and things replaced to be Christmas themed
      -Any Water is now Ice
      -Added a Christmas Tree to the FC area
      -Added on/off buttons for the snow fall, for performance reasons.

      General additions
      -Added a sign to the front of the museum
      -Added a info area that recommends you the settings thats optimized for PV. (this was added due to the fact some people kept saying the map was framedropping them in SW when I never had them, I test this map in 1080p software ffs.)
      -Added a new room for the museum dedicated to Frost Columns
      -"What if Obama came to your house"
      -Hotel carpet textures changed to darker, much easier on the eyes textures.
      -Updated some text on the museum to avoid confusion.
      -Added text to areas that you arn't suppose to be in (like noclipping into the smiley skybox) for reasons why you arn't allowed to do that.
      -Changed how the exit works, now everyone has to be there to trigger it.
      -Updated some textures/sprites to be their 2.2 variants
      -Changed the error in the Change Skybox script to say that it tried changing the skybox before it checked if skyboxes exist. This is for players that join midgame while Node 0 is on a change skybox sector.
      -Lowered the amount of vertices in the skybox to help any framerate issues (Request)
      -Lowered the amount of rings to help any framerate issues (Request)
      -Connected everything together on the skybox

      Bug/Visual fixes
      -Fixed the ceiling of the small house being a bit lower than the rest of the house.
      -Fixed some holes in the map
      -Fixed waterfall in the crystal area having a floating rock texture in OpenGL
      -Fixed some fofs in the Small house being a "continuously falling sector" sometimes killing the player.
      -Fixed a rare issue where the FC entrance door would not open in coop modes and would require the map to be restarted.

      2.2 Changelogs

      Version 5.7 Official 2.2 port
      Park Valley 5.7 the offical 2.2 port
      -Fixed and updated things to the 2.2 layout (Change skybox, general map height, Bustable block sprites, flat alignments, ect.)
      -Due to 2.2 having bugs with change music, the best I can do is just close the music room (its still available in singleplayer)
      -Updated most textures to the png format
      -removed any textures that were used during 2.1 as those textures are unneeded.
      -fixed any oddities with any visual glitches during the beta port phase
      -Reworked the crystal forest area.
      -Added a cabin
      -Added an extra secret, you'll find out when you find it (You can't noclip to it).
      Some other things I may have forgotten

      New update
      Update 5.8
      -Adjusted sectors that don't cause part of the Christmas tree to disappear
      -Added a fade in the music in the cabin so the ambient can be better heard
      -Fixed Captions
      -Closed museum and hotel for match modes

      UPDATE: 4/1/13
      ShadowCM (in progress) added map park valley carnival

      The map in M_PKB.wad Is outdated, but still works with the music missing, an update is coming soon for this, if anyone cares.

      Additional Notes

      • Please be mindful of using other people's works. If the modification is not marked as "Re-usable Content", ask the developer for permission before using their work in your mod.

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    Park Valley has gotten a big update, check the change log for the details.
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    Park Valley has been updated to 2.2 plus with a bunch of changes and additions from 5.2, Ill mess with a huge changelog of it later, but check it out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowFox View Post
    Park Valley has been updated to 2.2 plus with a bunch of changes and additions from 5.2, Ill mess with a huge changelog of it later, but check it out!
    Oops, you shouldn't be able to post in the v2.1.x mods forum anymore - forgot to archive it...

    But since you've already updated this, I've moved it to the new 2.2 mods forum. Congrats on being the first 2.2 mod on here! I've also added PK3 onto the list of approved file types to be able to be attached.
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    Ah, Thanks I'll reupload accordingly.
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    Where can I download the Christmas-less version of this? Christmas is good, but it's already January...

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    An update is coming soon that removes Christmas, but still keeps the snowy theme, it will go back to normal in around February.
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