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Thread: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric & Shattered Crystal

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    From what I have seen thus far,
    -The main theme is spammed in many places too many
    -All the characters do in fact go the same speed, making watching gameplay look like a Ty the Tasmanian Tiger game more than a sonic game
    -What is there to explore in the hub world? I have mostly focused on stage play, so I am curious what I overlooked about the hubs.

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    I watched the some of the cutscenes and the gameplay for both games and I feel as though they have changed Shadow from being a badass to being an ass in Rise of Lyric. Metal Sonic seems to be the only cool boss in Rise of Lyric.
    It is possible that this game was not meant to feel too much like a typical Sonic game. It hardly feels like a Sonic game at all...
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