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Thread: Sonic Runners

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    Sonic Runners

    Sonic Runners is by Sonic Team of Japan.

    Sonic Boom was SEGA of America.

    Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump (Fever) was SEGA of Europe.

    This is a completely different development team.

    Just putting that out there.

    Let's move on to the highlights!

    • For mobile devices (iPhone, Android, etc.)
    • Not yet announced for the west yet
    • Spring 2015 release date for Japan (since this is mobile you can probably get the app from another source)
    • Free with in-app purchases (not illegal to download from another source as it's free)
    • 50 levels
    • Sweet rolling physics as it seems from the gameplay trailer below
    • Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and more playable
    • Sonic and co. are sporting more classic looks than ever before
    • Auto-running
    • Power-ups and companions, including Wisps, Chao, and Chip!
    • Story mode
    • Around 1-2 minute stages
    • Lost World themed stages

    What do you all think? I personally think it's pretty cool looking. Let's get running!

    Here's the gameplay trailer!
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    So... Sonic Advance 4? They should really make a game like this for handhelds. I'd definitely get this if my phone could handle it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demnyx Onyxwing View Post
    So... Sonic Advance 4? They should really make a game like this for handhelds. I'd definitely get this if my phone could handle it.
    What kind of phone do you have?
    Also I think its nice Sega is going to focus on Mobile gaming I just hope it won't be all endless runner and jumper games I hope someday there will be a fully 3D sonic games specifically for Android/iOS.

    I'm also excited for this game as well because it will give me something else to play besides Sonic Dash a total battery drainer and it just got completely boring after the first 2 months of playing hopefully this will keep me entertained until AC:Identity comes out!
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    It it just me or does sonic look more..uh..Classic. Still looks like it'll be fun overall anyways.

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    I like the characters look in this one, it's almost like they realized that they had to get back to sprites.
    I hope my shitty phone can handle it... (If it can handle Sonic 4 ep II, I guess it can do it there too.)
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    Only thing i want is gotta go fast meme easter egg XD
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    I know already if/when this game comes westward, I'll get it, but I am still disappointed that SEGA's Mascot and main money maker has been reduced to nothing more than a mobile game as his "main game" now

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    Now that I've seen screenshots and gameplay, I guess it looks pretty fun? It would be a fun little time waster.

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    If Espio is in this then, I'll get it!

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    I figured I would post a ton of information from what I've seen playing the game so far.

    The game softlaunched yesterday, and I managed to get it by switching my account to a different region. (It's not out in the US App Store yet.) The game is an endless runner, you have to pick up rings and little gems to collect points. Destroying enemies and doing other things also earns you points. You need a certain number of points to progress, and if you don't have enough, you can just play another randomly generated stage to net you enough.

    There is an Eggman miniboss after you reach a certain point in the level. The boss lasts for about 20-30 seconds, hitting Eggman drops a ton of rings which you can collect for points. (And for the sake of having rings.) After Eggman leaves, the level speeds up. This keeps repeating until you die.

    After you collect enough points, you face Eggman in a true boss battle. There are several gimmicks that are used in each Boss Battle, that you need to manipulate in order to deal damage.

    You can level up your character with rings, which raises stats and the time limit for items. There are also little partners you can hatch by going to a roulette, which aid you during the level.

    Sonic can triple jump and spin dash when he reaches his top speed, Tails can fly several times in midair, and I don't know about Knuckles yet, since I haven't unlocked him.

    There are also three wisps, Drill, Void, and Laser. They do the same things they do in Sonic Lost World.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    More info!

    The story is very basic, with little episodes that show the small adventures Sonic and the crew have, constantly stopping Eggman's plans. Certain characters excel on a certain typed level. Sonic excels on grass type stages, and Tails excels in Sky Levels. (Which are just reskinned grass levels, really.) and Knuckles has his own scenery advantage too, but I haven't unlocked him yet to find out.

    Another little bit of info on the partner system. On the roulette, there are several eggs which can be chosen by the spinner. The white eggs are common partners, sometimes uncommon. The grayed out eggs do something, I haven't figured out what yet. And landing on a Gold Egg gives you a special partner like Chip or Caliburn that help greatly in the levels.

    The game starts getting harder by giving you less points in the levels, and requiring more to get to Eggman. There is a lives counter, like in many free to play games, however you can usually beat an episode before it runs out. After you clear an episode, the lives counter reverts to 5. There's been only once so far that I ran out and had to stop playing for a bit.

    The levels also have two paths, one above, and one below. The upper path is usually harder to take, but can usually be accessed with a triple jump or Tails's fly. The upper path has a lot of skill involved, you have to bounce off enemies and use the character's abilities to earn the most points possible.
    Another interesting note is that the game doesn't have sound effects for collecting points, rings, or killing enemies. I assume they'll be added later.

    There are also Red Rings. You can get them by clearing levels, or from beating up Eggman. These Red Rings will allow you to continue after you die, or if you have a lot of them, spin the roulette without collecting Chao eggs first. I currently have around 120 Red Rings. They're really generous with them. A lot of them came from the softlaunch celebration gifts.

    More information will come when I progress further.

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