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Thread: SRB2 -Notso- Mystery Dungeon, now on the SkyBase!

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      SRB2 -Notso- Mystery Dungeon, now on the SkyBase!

      Version: 1.0., by (Eep!) Lat' is offline
      Developer Last Online: Jun 2017
      Category: [Level Pack] SRB2 Version: v2.1.x   Rating:  (1 votes - 5.00 average)
      Submitted: March 1st, 2015  
      WAD File Contains Lua Level(s) Character(s)
      Music / SFX(s)  

      Yeah, yeah, I'm bringing this here because I would feel like an awful person if I don't do it.

      Fear the big copypaste block from the MB!

      After a little week of work, ]without EVEN LAUNCHING TF2 :C I finally managed to get this "done" for you guys!

      SRB2 (notso) MYSTERY DUNGEON is here!
      (Notso is actually here because stages are not that "mysterious", after all. X)

      It sure may be a little too soon for this, but here it is!
      Anyway, what does it features...?

      No multiplayer support for now, sorry.
      It should be working, but items are really limited for a game with like 3 players or more.
      I will make variants of SP stages with more items for Multiplayer support, but this is not for now!

      Play as Dum- I mean Sylveon!
      Why? Don't you like sprite rips?

      PMD-esque mechanics (HPs, Hunger, XP...)

      Everything works like in PMD!
      You have a Health meter that you have to keep above 1/3... I will let you know why... But also a Hunger one, this one HAS to be over 0, if it ever comes to 0, you will start losing HPs every second until you eat something (Apples), and plus, as attacks (like Tackle) uses Hunger as "fuel", you cannot use them!
      Without forgetting the level up mechanics, you have to collect the ammount of XP (shown on the screen if that matters) to grow levels, everytime you level up, you get HPs (at least 15) and you learn a new move (At least level 2 does).

      Dumbplacholders, dumbplaceholders everywhere!
      Every "custom" made item here has a placeholder sprite sheet (The only exception being the first miniboss.), just because I SUCK AT DOING SPRITES (and drawing in general.)

      Two levels!
      As it would be useless to throw this without good levels to play with, I made two levels just for it, and I promise they will not be the only ones!

      Tw- I mean ONE boss battle!
      There is no Boss Battle after the second level, I swear it! (Trust me plz)

      PMD musics!
      Sure, not the most important thing, but this is pretty cool to have a music fitting with what that mod is!

      But there are bad things, ammong with all the good ones...
      Scrapped content

      Cutscenes, yes, there was supposed to be some cutscenes, sadly, I threw them away because they were total bullshit -I admit it- and they were useless.

      The Tutorial level that was scrapped too.
      I don't think it's really worth it to make a tutorial, I removed hints from the first level, I'm gonna learn you everything right after.

      Light Screen is not avaiable for this release.
      Sadly I removed it -for the momment- because it was useless and didn't block every attacks, however, the sprites and the Lua script for it are still somewhere in the WAD, just disabled.

      Before I let you download all this shit, I guess learning you how to play properly should be a good thing...

      How to play
      I guess you know how HPs works, so I'm not gonna explain it.
      About Hunger, it decreases by 1 every 2 seconds, you can refill Hunger by eating Apples (Thin ones fills 20, normal ones 50 and the Unused Golden one fills 100)

      Now about moves, you can use them by pressing the CUSTOMx buttons.

      CUSTOM1 allows you to Tackle, damaging any vulnerable enemy in your way. (Tackle's physics are very slippery, it's because the game considers you are just doing a spin.) In case you need an emergency break, pressing CUSTOM1 again will instantly cancel momentum. But beware, every Tackle (and moves in general) has its cost; losing Hunger. Performing a Tackle only drains 5 Hungerpoints, so you don't really have to worry.

      CUSTOM2 allows you to nuke enemies around you, instantly OS multiple hitpoints enemies, such as the Red Crawla. However, it costs a lot of Hungerpoints (50 to be exact!), so it shouldn't be spammed. And another thing, you can only use it if you are at level 2 or more.

      To finish this, backtracking is a good way to get XP on levels, espicially because of Invincibilities Candies placement, and finally, in boss stages, there is always an Apple somewhere, it can either be spawned by the enemy itself, or reappear by self.

      And if you don't learn anything from this, don't dare to jump on enemies, Sylveon is not Fucking Sonic!(Not 2.2 reference.)

      Here is the list of the known bug for this release, if that matters for you, young bug reporter...

      Known bugs list

      -When you start a stage, and that you have leveled up before starting this stage, the levelup sound plays at the begining.

      -At the second Action Stage, a grass ledge sinks in a wall after activating the switch, near the level's exit.

      -Bosses may sometimes not see the Player and get stuck, if that ever happens, just quit the level and restart it until the boss works, the game saves every new level anyway. This should happen less often since the quickfix.

      You might also know this but non-recommanded resolutions are gonna make the HUD look like crap, so please, play OpenGL or with a recommended resolution (1280x720, for instance) for a better experience.

      Also, here are some screenshots, down in attachements to show you those beautiful levels. I won't spoil you about anything else, don't worry!

      Zipper and gregory_house For helping with the HP script.
      semi.colon for the Hunger gimmick (One of the most important thing of this mod.)
      Ors for the "dumb" miniboss sprites

      The Alpha 2.0 should come in a short time, all I'm waiting for is LJ to fix my damn Lua code.
      Check the progress made so far here:
      There are some issues with the current file, most of them were fixed if that matters. However, feel free to report bugs that aren't listed below.



      Additional Notes

      • Please be mindful of using other people's works. If the modification is not marked as "Re-usable Content", ask the developer for permission before using their work in your mod.

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    Welcome to releases

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    wow lat i like the hp system,i wish to see more good sprites for the character,im already having this wad in MB and it's really great.

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    Me too, I'd like to be able to sprite good enough at least to provide some "quality" sprites to Sylveon but meh :/
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    Am I the only enthusiast for
    this and maybe you should ask
    for help from someone fluent
    in the drawing.

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