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Thread: Sylveon! For the SKYBASE! NOWWWWWWW!

    1. Skybase's Sylveon! 2.0.0! Details »

      Skybase's Sylveon! 2.0.0!

      Version: 1.0, by (Eep!) Lat' is offline
      Developer Last Online: Jun 2017
      Category: [Character] SRB2 Version: v2.1.x   Rating:  (2 votes - 5.00 average)
      Submitted: May 14th, 2015  
      WAD File Contains Lua Character(s)

      Yes! Yes! Here it is! ... Where are you all? ...Why the fuck did you put only ONE star? ...Because I made it? I love you too <3
      Sylveon decided to get out of SRB2MD because it told me it didn't want to wait. So yeah.

      In all seriousness; Sylveon has some custom abilities to make it unique compared to the vanilla characters. So, what can it do then?

      Double Jump ability: Moonjump

      Works just like TF2, it propels Sylveon in the air to a decent speed, allowing to get close to Sonic's! However, be aware that it will hurt you by 5 HPs (2 if you have your Light Screen activated.). It also leaves a fancy smoke trail behind your burning butt!

      Moonjump gif

      CUSTOM1: Moonblast

      It's a projectile that explodes. Cool story, huh?!
      In all seriousness, fire it at your own risk, because you are gonna take Knockback from it! The knockback you take is relative to your speed and your aiming angle, meaning you can aim down in the air to get an extra jump, you can perform it after or before the Moonjump. It has a 5 seconds cooldown, if that matters.

      Moonblast gif

      CUSTOM2: LightScreen

      A "tactical move" that allows you to divide any incoming damage by 2. However, it won't prevent Sylveon from loosing its Rings.
      Its effect lasts 30 second. However, it needs 60 more to recharge. The HUD will tell you when you can use it, and how long remains before you can, or before its effect disapears.

      LightScreen gif

      Boredoom Animation: Rest
      In case Sylveon needs some HPs to continue its robot genocide, it can always take a nap to regain HPs! You get 1 HP every 2 seconds by waiting.

      Rest gif

      SPIN (Standing): QuickAttack

      Hold spin to charge Sylveon's Quick Attack.
      You can release it immediatly to propel yourself at your maximum speed, or hold the button a bit longer to get an extra 2 second boost locking you to Sonic's speed and destroying walls on touch.

      Quick Attack gif

      SPIN (Walking/Running): Slide

      Press spin while moving to make a glide, allowing you to break through thin walls, enemies and to go under tight spaces. Be careful when you perform it as Sylveon will be out of control unless it falls or has no more horizontal momentum.
      Notes: The camera zooms because the glide scales the player to 2 / its size to let it go trough tight spaces. I also won't recommand using it when you are shrunk (ERZ2) as I am pretty unsure of the results that may occur.
      The slide does also not break monitors, neither than it damages bosses, P_RadiusAttack not affecting those mobjs, I will get on fixing those minor issues later.

      Sliding gif

      Advantages and disadvantages compared to other characters:

      +) Sylveon uses an HP system, you will get used to it pretty easyly, don't worry. Sylveon still has a separate Rings counter that works like the other characters'
      +) Sylveon's custom abilties are very useful when used correctly. Once you master the Moonjump + Moonblast combo, Sylveon becomes almost as mobile as Tails.
      +) Sylveon can turn Super by itself in Single Player and Co-Op. Its abilties are buffed to a point where the Moonblast delay is divided by 10! You have no excuse to fall into bottomless pits. It uses the RINGS counter instead of the HP ones, now.

      -) Sylveon in overall is slow and is pretty useless when it's out of HPs and cannot use Moonjump anymore.
      -) Sylveon's slide is a straight downgrade to the other characters' spin, not sending the player forward or even allowing them to glitch the game's physics.

      Now the pratical question is:
      "Is Sylveon cappable of beating the SP campaign?!"

      The awnser is yes. Make good use of your abiltiies, and you should be okay!
      Most custom levels can be completed too, the only exception being Toaster's Glacier Gear, as Sylveon cannot go farther than that one door that makes the player go in the 2D section. That's too bad, because I like this level =/

      Anyway, have fun with that lil' Sylveon, but before I let you shove me deepier than the ground, go easy on me if it's about sprites, I know they are far from being good, and I'm ready to take critisiscm and advices. Let me know if something feels unbalanced or something like that too. And in case you're blind, screenshots (or rather gifs) are in the spoiler tags above.

      Known glitches / issues:
      1) Some issues reguarding Moonjump and rope hang. You may get stuck on a rope if you land on it after a Moonjump. Press spin to free yourself in case that happens.

      2) Sylveon may get stuck if it's directly facing a wall while gliding under a tight space, so don't be an idiot!

      3) Sylveon's ring counter doesn't add the other player's rings if you play on the old special stages. But no one really gives a fuck as everyone hates those. Plus, they're broken; we can't see the timer anymore.

      To-do list
      -Finish missing frames rotation (\2\8, running2running8, end of level signpost)
      -Optimise Lua lump. (LJ Sonik is here for that, that's his only purpose of living, making fun of my scripts =3)
      -Add a third CUSTOMx ability that has a point.

      Special Thanks to LJ Sonik and Zipper for the help with the script.

      Additional Notes

      • Please be mindful of using other people's works. If the modification is not marked as "Re-usable Content", ask the developer for permission before using their work in your mod.

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    However I myself don't know how I only noticed the error I made with the animation during the night.

    I attemtped the x2x8 frames, but it badly ended up, so I'm just not gonna make them.
    They got replaced by the x1 frames.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    GTFO wall!

    Anyway, this replaces the "Spindash" for Sylveon. It has a simillar pattern to the way it charges, While it locks Sylveon's speed to 1.5x Sonic's for 5 seconds, it can be canceled by pressing spin again.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    I was bored so I made the super transformation animation.

    The update will come during the week (Hopefully Weed-nesday).

    - - - - - - - - - -

    In fact, this was much faster than I thougth!
    Here's the update!

    *New running frames.
    *Super transformation frames added.
    *Various fixes in the LUA_SYLV lump.
    Attachement updated! Have fun!

    - - - - - - - - - -

    1.5.1 is out, boys! (And grils! Don't worry, I know you exist!)
    *Fixed Sylveon's variables not setting up when it was added in the middle of the game, which caused the script to display an error and stop working.
    *Fixed offsets in the Life Icon and one of the Back walking frame that were shiftted one pixel too high/ to the left.
    *Changed Sylveon's super sparkle sprite name from SPRK to SYRK, which caused them to accidentaly replace the Sparkles when you collect a Ring.
    *Fixed QuickAttack not ending and not reseting Sylveon's variables when it dies while performing it at full speed.

    Attachement updated, sorry for the fact that you have to redownload

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Because I knew the sadic you are wanted to see Sylveon die properly...

    Death Frame:

    Drown (There is also a variant of this frame used when Sylveon FALLS when in its dying frame, like in Sonic Advance.):

    Yup, Sylveon now has a darker pink to fit SRB2's palette and have hopefully better colors when 2.0.0 comes out!
    MotorRoach would be so happy to see Sylveon suffer like that...

    EDIT2: Super Sylveon won't have 100% custom frames; due to the way SRB2 handles frame replacement by Lua and how complicated it would be to replace ALL frames, I canceled this. Don't worry tough, a lot of new revemped frames are on the way!

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Sylveon feels so strong right now!

    I have to do the Super Frames now.
    Steam ID: Nymphali Festif | SRB2 Nickname: Lat' | Skype: superrainboom
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    Fabulous! :]
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    Kawaii monitor lifeicons! <3

    kawaii lifeicons.png

    and two super frames in the work.

    Yeah, this looks weird outside of the game as the sprites keep their pink, but thrust me, they flash blue in the game.
    EDIT: For some reasons the super frames are avaiable in attachements, sorry for this.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    RIP Super Sylveon, 2015-2015.

    In all seriousness, Sylveon now has custom death frames for when it's Super, talking about Super, all of these frames are done.

    You can also except some control changes in the new incoming version; the moonjump will now be Sylveon's signature ability, performed with a double jump.
    It changes nothing to the way it works, but allows to reach higher speed more easyly, without requiring to perform it multiples times. This frees the CUSTOM2 button that is gonna be replaced with Hyper Voice. While I already have the idea of what it will do, I still have to do the Lua for it, and the slide is more important to my eyes for the moment.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Here is the hopefully last update!

    - Sylveon now has a separate RINGS counter, allowing it to get extra lives and proper end-of-level bonuses out of the Rings collected. It sets back to 0 if it gets hit.

    - Added a lot of new frames; hurt, 1-up icon, super transformation, super, slide, deaths frames affected by physics, super death frames, drowning frames (even tough they're not properly working, they only work if the player dies form anything else than drowning underwater. I was lazy to fix that as no one really cares.)

    - Moonjump has been moved to the double-jump ability and now costs 5 HPs instead of 3. It also won't kill the player anymore if it doesn't have the required ammount of HPs.

    - Moonblast now gives Knockback to the player. The knockback is relative to your speed and viewing angle. The cooldown has been lenghtned from 1 to 5 seconds.

    - Added a slide, allowing Sylveon to be fully able to complete the SP campaign without worrying about ERZ1's right path!

    - LightScreen has been moved to CUSTOM2.

    - Sylveon now always respawns with 50 HPs.

    Updated the main post for abilities explanations, gifs and the attachement.
    Have fun, and don't forget to leave your feedback so I can improve this!

    ...Ikr, I was lazy to not copy-paste my srb2mb post.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Steam ID: Nymphali Festif | SRB2 Nickname: Lat' | Skype: superrainboom
    > "I'm a boy. What? You're laughing? ...Bitches, please, I'M FABULOUS! "

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