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Thread: Street Fighter V

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    Street Fighter V

    Something that has been known about for quite some time, but has yet to be properly discussed around the forum. SFV, one of many promising games for 2016, has many who can get their hands on it, very excited.

    Even as an older video this is still a pretty good introduction of what we can expect for the game, and additionally there is even a beta planned to be available from Dec. 17th through the 20th, for those interested in trying it out. [SOURCE]

    I personally think this could be an interesting addition to the series, but as usual I'll hold on to my money for at least a little bit before buying the game. What do you all think?

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    I'd honestly buy it if I had the intentions to get a PS4 but yeah it still looks pretty smooth and such.

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    As far as Fightan games go, Street Fighter V looks great. The combo potential is REAL judging from the footage. Depending on how fast those guys that play SF competitively are we might see it at EVO as soon as next year, so that's hype. Also, BEARDED RYU.

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    SFV looks pretty cool, played all of the SF games ever since so of course I'm excited,but I do have some qualms about this one.
    Parrying seems to be exclusive to Ryu, and it doesn't look like he can parry in mid-air, parrying was really huge in SF3 and I was shocked to see it gone in SF4, but now that only Ryu has it, I'm sort of one the fence with whether I like that or not.
    Soundtrack doesn't seem that grand, maybe it's just because I've been playing the full 2d games with the CPS2/3 Soundboard in them which makes sounds really BOOM and feel grand. I feel like Capcom is trying to emulate Tekken's OST with all of the electronic sounds. Don't get me wrong I like EDM and all, but I don't think it fits with SF's theme, when I hear the term "Street Fighter" I think of something having to do with hip-hop, house, latin, oriental, and electro influences all combined into one, SFIII got this almost perfectly with the soundtrack. SF4 strayed away from this and really didn't do that to differentiate itself from it's predecessor, too much electro and not enough of everything else.
    I was really dissapointed in Ryu and Akuma's themes, they just reused Ryu's SF2 that sounds super basic and made some new sort of generic sounding oriental track for Akuma, even though SFA3 and SFIII easily captured both of their themes almost perfectly with their character.

    SF5 seems to just be doing the same SF4 did and slightly remix each track, and Ryu still has that super overused SF2 Theme that really lost whatever "nostalgia" it had about 5 years ago.
    Other than that, yeah I'll probably buy this.

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    Ah go stuff a stocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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