Nintendo has taken their time, and kept quiet about this game up until this year's E3, and it was interesting to say the least. Based on the trailer (seen below), we immediately are greeted with some beautiful visuals and lighting effects, showing off specs of this new Zelda world. Following this we get to see scenes of various wildlife, something which outside of monsters haven't been much of a thing in the past. Another big change also as we see is our hero not in his usual green getup. This among other things by the trailer alone show that this game could potentially be a big change in how a Zelda game is played, and that's not necessarily a bad thing if this is executed right.

Of course the most interesting note is that this game is planned to be like Twilight Princess in the way that it will be released on two consoles at the same time, being Wii U and the NX. This is clearly still a developing phenomenon, so please feel free to show us what you find, and your thoughts as well.