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      HitCom.lua (ADMIN SCRIPT)

      Version: Update 2, by (Advanced strafer.) hitcoder is offline
      Developer Last Online: Jul 2016
      SRB2 Version: v2.1.x   Rating: 
      Submitted: July 6th, 2016  
      Contains Lua

      Hey guys, once again I'm posting a small lua script.
      Inspired by SRB2 Terminal, but wanting to make something much more lightweight and with several more custom commands and uses, HitComV9 is now being released.
      I initially created this back just over a year ago, and have been adding small bits and pieces to the commands list ever since.
      Everything has been bugtested and if you find a bug just send me the output from the console and tell me how you acheived the bug.
      If you have any command suggestions or ideas post them here, if the command is a toggle/boolean or a single execution command then it will most likely be accepted (unless it is deemed useless) and I may potentially accept commands that go beyond that.

      Current commands listed in the following spoiler:
      This command will cause gravity to not have an effect on you and will allow you to move freely through the air. Forms of acceleration are applied and you will accelerate more sluggishly in the air than on the ground. Your character will be forced into jump frames, which could be either a good or bad thing.

      You will become invincible/immune to everything.

      disables clipping

      log in as an operator using the password set by the admin.

      Allows the SERVER to change the password for logging in as an operator

      followed by the name of the player (in quotes if necessary) will grant the specified player operator powers, which will allow them to use most commands, but not all.

      Allows an admin or the server to remove an operator's priveleges.

      show a list of commands (4 pages, specify the page appended to the command)

      spawn all of the emeralds at your position, gives everyone emeralds in co-op mode.

      Changes your visible skin but not the action/ability set and doesn't change your life icon etc. only changes the skin of the player's mobj.

      Change your own characterability to anything specified. Currently uses numbers only, but I might implement using "CA_THOK" etc at a later date.

      Gives you emeralds in the same way match gives you emeralds - the person executing the command will be the only person to receive the emeralds.

      This command only works for characters who's jumpfactor isn't modified in a lua script already. Does not change the gravity but instead changes everyone's jumpfactors. I may implement a more "realistic" gravity command at a later date.

      Allows all users to use "minor commands" - by this it means players can set their own rings, lives, ability, etc... using commands which only affect themselves.

      Changes the player's speed ("myspeed 40" means 40 fracunits)

      changes your jumpfactor

      changes the local player's lives

      changes the amount of lives for every player on the server.

      sets the local player's rings (health=arg1+1)

      sets the amount of rings for all players on the server

      makes the specified player an admin (more powerful than operator)

      undoes the effects of "admin"

      makes you invulnerable for a specified amount of time

      gives you sneakers for specified amount of time

      takes no args, instantly thrusts you forwards and gives you sneakers and invulnerability for a short period of time (doesn't lower these if you already have these powerups)

      toggles "hyper" mode on a player - turns you into superform but makes you flash different colours

      makes the local player super

      Stores your local player's data, and kills them (resulting in game over), toggle this to return back to where you left and restore all of your user data.

      server and local admin (verify <PLAYERNUM>) can toggle this to make idlers invulnerable after about 1 second but unable to toss rings. Takes effect on everyone in the server.

      a command to give you less of a chance of falling underwater - mostly allows you to walk on water but the code is very lazily put together and people had lack of interest. I might improve it for a later version.

      Teleports player specified in arg1 to player specified in arg2. arg1 can also be "me", "all" or "others" to teleport the player issuing the command, all players, or all except the player issuing the command. arg2 can also be equal to "me".

      kills the specified player. (can be set to "all", "me" or "others".)

      Credit to MotdSpork for a few bits and pieces - me and him had our own commands scripts and I implemented some from his about a year ago with permission, not sure if he forgot, but thank you MotdSpork

      Thanks to many others (in spoilert below, pm me or contact me on skype or discord if you helped with anything but weren't mentioned) for bugtesting and giving suggestions over the past year-ish.
      Duon The Adventurer
      Lat' (I think)

      Enjoy <3

      If you would like to use any of the features in this script please message me first. I do not want anyone reusing this without asking me first, until everyone is happy with the contents. I'm releasing this to the public because I think communication between people using this and me, as the developer, will help improve your experience in SRB2.

      Update log:
      V9.1: Rewrote jesus command - works far better than it used to
      V9.2: Improved the jesus command's function and fixed a few bugs.
      V9.3: Fixed some permission issues and added commands "tp" and "kill"


      Additional Notes

      • Please be mindful of using other people's works. If the modification is not marked as "Re-usable Content", ask the developer for permission before using their work in your mod.

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    Update 1:
    Nobody likes the minification and people seem to have rather low opinions on it. I think people would rather I upload a non-minified version, and instead provide the raw version. I realize my mistake here, and just to keep this version consistent with the official Message Boards version I will upload the version that is not minified.

    Thank you all.

    Update 2:
    Details in OP, the "jesus" command now works even better!

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