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      Saturn's Drop Dash

      Version: 1.0, by (Member) Saturn Ross is offline
      Developer Last Online: Sep 2016
      Category: [Script] SRB2 Version: v2.1.x   Rating: 
      Submitted: July 28th, 2016  
      Contains Lua

      After seeing the trailer for Sonic Mania, I noticed the neat new Drop Dash mechanic, and decided I'd recreate it for SRB2.

      It is activated with Spin and can be aimed just like the Thok can, and you can also continue aiming the dash as you drop. Once you land, you will do a SpinDash-type maneuver which moves at just above your running speed.

      There are two versions of the move:
      SaturnsDropDash.lua, which, unlike the Drop Dash seen in the trailer, this version literally drops Sonic before he hits the ground, and SaturnsDropDashTrailerVer.lua, which as the title suggests, works just like the one in the Trailer.

      I may also alter the speed of the dash if requested.

      Known Bugs:
      - Holding down Spin as you drop at a rope will cause you to pass through, however if you aren't holding Spin you'll grab it just fine.

      1.0: First created and uploaded
      1.1: Added DropDashTrailerVer.lua, added SFX
      1.2: Altered names to not conflict with other possible scripts, added SFX, adjusted speed

      Thanks to Duon the Adventurer for some assistance with the script, and to MotdSpork for the Sonic Lost World Bounce script, which I borrowed from.




      Additional Notes

      • Please be mindful of using other people's works. If the modification is not marked as "Re-usable Content", ask the developer for permission before using their work in your mod.

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    Welcome to modifications! This is quite a cool mechanic.
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    Oh shit, I actually made sense?! This is amazing, I might use it on one of the characters from my site, or make a whole new entry there... And no problem for the advice, it was mostly blind knowledge of how it could be handled.

    EDIT: So the drop dashes are really weak compared to the thok, it's a nice move, but because the thok is faster, you don't wanna use it in match. So I decided to add the player's maxdash to the mix... It's really strong. I guess this move gives recommendation to be used on a flat and comfortable surface, making it uncontrollable. I'll send it to the owner to see about this.

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    I found a bug. When you're Super Sonic, You do the Drop Dash, then you Float instead. But, you are rolling but not spinning while you Fly! Maybe the Drop Dash Button should be the Custom 3 Button instead of the Spindash Button. If you change the Drop Dash button from Spindash to Custom 3, This bug wouldn't happen anymore, neither the Rope Bug.

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    The official drop dash for Sonic Mania has confirmed it to be a jump move. I hate to take attention away from this release but observe Hatninja's Drop Dash Replacement lua, it does exactly what the drop dash should do in Sonic Mania.

    As for the actual DROP, eh, don't really care that much about it sadly, mostly because its an alternative stomp mechanic that could've been used in a modern sonic game.

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