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Thread: Sonic CD, ported to 2.1

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      Sonic CD, ported to 2.1

      Version: 1.0, by (Pyro the Hedgehog) Simon_T is offline
      Developer Last Online: Nov 2018
      Category: [Character] SRB2 Version: v2.1.x   Rating: 
      Submitted: June 9th, 2017  
      WAD File Contains Lua Character(s)

      Remember that old Sonic CD character WAD?
      Because he's back to 2.1 with a Super Peel-Out which can be used with Custom 1 (Lua created by MotdSpork) and even with sounds from the original game!



      Additional Notes

      • Please be mindful of using other people's works. If the modification is not marked as "Re-usable Content", ask the developer for permission before using their work in your mod.

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    Welcome to modifications!

    One issue that you should fix though:

    His life icon has some random white pixels on top of the black lines at the top and bottom. Compare to regular Sonic's life icon:

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    Mystyc Cheez left the game
    <~Sky> Am I too awesome or something?
    <X\Wind> Why is everyone on red...
    <X\Wind> Is Sky that awesome?
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    looks good

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