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Thread: Sonic R for PC, working on current Windows

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    Sonic R for PC, working on current Windows

    So I recently found out how to get Sonic R for PC working on Windows 10 at modern resolutions, as well as the online multiplayer! Before I begin I will have to give thanks to all the different resources scattered on the internet with information on this topic, all the places I found info at will be linked below! The purpose of this post is to act as a central hub of all the gathered information in one place to get Sonic R for PC working at the best quality for both single player and online multiplayer. Please feel free to ask any questions below and add to the topic if you found something you think can help!

    -Sonic R for PC CD-ROM (Physical CD required)
    -DxWnd version 1.20
    -Sonic R Patcher
    -Xpadder (for some users, not all)

    -XVI32 Hex Editor
    -Downloadable .inf and .bat files from [here]

    To do:
    -Find port to forward to for online multiplayer
    -Test Evolve & Hamachi with Sonic R online
    -Look for possible support of DxWnd 2.0?
    -Example sound effect mod pack

    Step by Step Install

    1. Insert Sonic R CD-ROM to your main CD ROM slot on your computer

    2. Start the setup and follow the prompt to install the game onto your computer

    2a. If the setup gives an error, you can open the CD and try Setup.exe, or you can copy all the files from the CD into a folder on your computer.

    3. Once the game is installed, leave the CD in the tray, you need it to play the game. You will most likely see a 004801d9 address error, this is due to the program not being able to natively work on 32/64 bit hardware. To fix this you can use this patcher program made by DoomsDay at which can be found [here]

    3a. Alternatively you can download an .exe file provided [here]

    4. After the game is patched you must open DxWnd and click on Edit > Add; from here find the .exe file you just patched and match your box with the one shown here, checking the DirectX9 Version Hook box, the "Do not notify on task switch" box the "DirectInput Hooking" box, the "correct mouse position" box, and the "Optimize CPU load" box. After which you press OK. This makes it so that controls will work properly and you can setup your controller/keyboard

    4a. For controller users, if you are experiencing further trouble setting up your controller at all, please try Xpadder and setting that up.

    5. From here you can run the game and it should work, although the resolution will be defaulted to 640x400 or 320x200, so to fix that you can either download and use one of these .inf files here [1] [2]; alternatively you can follow the guide here on using a Hex Editor to change the resolution yourself [link]

    6. Once all this is done your single player game should be all setup and ready to go, but for those interested in online multiplayer, there are a few more steps here to follow. First inside the CD-ROM files, locate SR_NET.exe inside the Network folder. Run this and extract the file to your Sonic R directory.

    7. Once extracted, you should have a update.exe file in your Sonic R directory, use the patcher provided earlier to fix this to run, and then repeat the steps above with DxWnd to get it working properly.

    7a. The file may not run properly from DxWnd right away, if this happens to you, please launch DxWnd with Administrator privileges to fix this.

    7b. In order to get the higher resolutions working for this seperate .exe as well, what I did was go to the file, right click > troubleshoot compatibility and then let it automatically choose (mine choose Windows XP SP3), from there launch it from DxWnd and you are good to go!

    8. At this point the game is fully playable, leaving the only things left to do is to make launching the game as easy as one click of a .bat file; you can open Notepad and paste the following into it, adjusting your directories from mine as needed. You can also read more in depth about the .bat files [here]
    Quote Originally Posted by Single Player
    cd C:\Sega\SonicR\notpartofthegame\DxWnd.1.20\
    start C:\Sega\SonicR\notpartofthegame\DxWnd.1.20\dxwnd.e xe
    cd C:\Sega\SonicR
    taskkill /f /IM dxwnd.exe
    Quote Originally Posted by Multi Player
    cd C:\Sega\SonicR\notpartofthegame\DxWnd.1.20\
    start C:\Sega\SonicR\notpartofthegame\DxWnd.1.20\dxwnd.e xe
    cd C:\Sega\SonicR
    taskkill /f /IM dxwnd.exe
    8a. Please note that for the multiplayer .bat file you will need to run this one as an administrator for it to work if you have to do so in previous steps.


    Q: My game only lets me access the options menu, why is that?
    A: Your computer either does not have your CD in, or is not reading it in the proper drive

    Q: I cannot hear any music?
    A: I've read that some retail copies of the game do not have proper music working for PC all the time, in addition this can happen when the CD is not in, or is not being read in the right drive.

    Fun Facts and Misc. Things

    -All the sound effects in the game are in .wav format files, making editing these incredibly easy
    -Here is a list of the hex code breakdown for the file sonicr.inf, which covers a good amount of the in game settings [link]

    000000 - Difficulty
    00 = Easy
    01 = Normal
    02 = Hard

    000004 - Ghost
    00 = Off
    01 = On

    000008 - Weather
    00 = Random
    01 = Clear
    02 = Rain
    03 = Snow

    00000C - Catch Up
    00 = Off
    01 = On

    000010 - Guide
    00 = Off
    01 = On

    000014 - Map
    00 = Off
    01 = On

    000018 - 2P Split
    00 = Horizontal
    01 = Vertical

    00001C - Resolution

    000028 - Color
    08 = 8-bit
    10 = 16-bit

    00002C - Alpha Blending
    00 = Off
    01 = On

    000034 - Interlace
    00 = Off
    01 = On

    00003C - Draw Distance
    00 = Very Near
    01 = Near
    02 = Medium
    03 = Far
    04 = Very Far

    000040 - Window
    00 = Very Small
    01 = Small
    02 = Medium
    03 = Large
    04 = Full Screen

    000044 - Track Shading
    00 = Off
    01 = On

    000050 - Stereo
    00 = Off
    01 = On

    000054 - Vocals
    00 = Off
    01 = On

    000058 - SFX Volume
    00 = Off
    01 = 1
    02 = 2
    03 = 3
    04 = 4
    05 = 5
    06 = 6
    07 = 7
    08 = 8

    00005C - Music Volume
    00 = Off
    01 = On

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    Amazing, if I can even find my Sonic R PC Disk I might try this out.
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