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Thread: Suggestions (Skybase Edition)

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    Welcome to the SRB2 Suggestions topic. Before you post, there are a few things you should know:

    1. We know this is a really large topic spanning over 6 years of posts, but try searching to see if your suggestion has been posted before and see if anything comes up. You don't want to beat a dead horse, after all.
    2. Please keep discussion to a minimum. If something is going to involve a detailed and long discussion longer than 30-40 posts, please post in a new topic in SRB2 Discussion.
    3. Keep discussion of other's ideas civil. You knew this already, though.

    Remember that there is absolutely no guarantee that we'll use anything posted in here. We do read this topic for general opinions of what SRB2 lacks, of course, but no promises.

    Well what do you want in srb2?
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    ...did you just copy and paste the text from the SRB2MB's topic? Most of it doesn't make sense here. Not sure why you bolded your whole post too.

    The developers don't come here either way, so there's unfortunately no point in this. Locked.
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