So...i'm back and i can't work on the modern sonic wad,because i had to get a new laptop so i lost the sprites and i completely forgot about the Skybase . I'm also i'm doing this collaboration because i recently played or by the time you may be viewing this i played a while back srb2 and had the idea since there is a colorblink wad,i was thinking about what you could do with it and i feel this will be a little bit harder for me,and im hoping i can work with someone on it,i can make the sprites it's just the customs i want him to have will be difficult for me.

Hope you're not mad at me for giving up on modern sonic when the sprite looked so good.

customs: Custom 1 (punch) custom 2 (Ki blast) [no ki (normal)] [30% ki (Kamehameha)] [40% ki (Spirit bomb)] [100% ki(transform ssj,etc.)(drains ki)] custom 3 charge ki.

Of course he has to be able to fly too.

super: mastered ultra instinct (dang i watch way too much DBZ) (I've also improved on making sprites a bit,and a little less lazy...heh).