Hello everyone, I'll be hosting a SRB2 Server in 1.09.4. Yes, it's an older version, I know, but some mods for that version have been loved by most people, and this server is for those people who wants to play srb2 1.09.4 mods again. So, I'll be hosting mods like Eggmanway5, Sonic Corp, MAYYBE JmanKart (if I can find it), SRB2JTE, Blue Heaven, etc.

Gametypes? Well, can be Coop, Race or Match, since I like those gametypes, and depending of the mod too.

Anyway, all the info will be below. (sorry if I have bad english, I'm trying to do my best)

  • IP to join: (IP may change)
  • WADS Required: Link (Attention: Only download the necessary, not all, anyway it's your choice)
  • SRB2 1.09.4

Server hosts at a scheduled time, day and with a specific mod:

Friday, 18:30 (UTC -4:00) Caracas , ends at 20:00 (UTC -4:00) Caracas: SA-SRB2
Saturday, 18:30 (UTC -4:00) Caracas , ends at 20:00 (UTC -4:00) Caracas: Blue Heaven

This list will change weekly.

See ya in the server!

NOTICE 03/08/2018 : This scheduled hosting will be suspended until new notice.