Aw yeah, hey there everyone! My name is Rainbow Dash, the one and only, from Cloudsdale! I found out about this site, when I was searching the EquestriaNet, and decided to make a account here, since I love to play Sonic Robo Blast 2 as me!

Jk everyone. I am not the real Rainbow Dash after all, but I like to do so for fun, and since her name wasn't taken already. I joined here so I can talk with others, chat in threads, and because I love SRB2 (I play it mostly nowadays with MLP Wads, mainly the Rainbow Dash Wad). As you can see, I am a huge brony (Became a brony earlier this year), and I love Rainbow Dash so much (MLP gave and gives me so much happiness x3), and I know that fans of other franchises or etc, don't or used to not tend to get along well with bronies, but regardless of if I get assaulted for being a brony, I came here to socalize with people here, and since like I said, I play SRB2 (not as often as before, but I still play it though)

I can't wait to talk with all of you awesome people!

Cute RD front.png