Now before I start I will say that yes I did say that I will now be focusing more on posting art on my Deviant Art account and would no longer post art on the art pictures thread on the SRB2 message board ... BUT,
That only applies for the SRB2 message board which is why I would post some art on Discord every once in a while so here's a place where I'll dump random art I find/make and for the first thing I present.

Purple the hedgehog birthday art
This was an event I celebrated on the 30th of January on my Deviant Art but I felt kinda bad for not posting it here because Purple the hedgehog came from a surtant thread on this very forum site so I'm also posting them here.

Purple the hedgehog third birthday cover.
thrid month anniversary.png

Purple the hedgehog... Adventure?... ... In a cartoonish style.
adventure Purple.png

Terrible attempt at drawing Purple in the Sonic CD intro style.
junio Purple.png

Riders Purple... but getting the style correct is a work In Progress?
riders Purple.png

Manga style Purple the hedgehog.
anime style.png

As most of you can tell, I'm better at art but I'm not actually that good at art right now but this is my first step into abandoning pixel art as a whole because I don't want to do pixel art but it'll do for now but on that topic.

Other pixel/brush art
This is just me making art because it's fun.

Finally I chose to do things super Sonic style.

A pretty good attempt at making actually good art.

Pokemon's pretty cool... soooo-

Well that's all the art I'm willing to post here right now so if you want to see my full collection then go on over to my Deviant Art account but for those asking, NO I will not be updating my albums for Deviant Art seems a lot better (even with all the... stuff on it) so I hope you enjoy this bit of art and what will come in the future of me making art in my free time