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Thread: Sonic 2022

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    Sonic 2022

    Quite a bit late on this but...

    Quote Originally Posted by SRB2
    <Mystyc Cheez> I ****ING QUIT
    Mystyc Cheez left the game
    <~Sky> Am I too awesome or something?
    <X\Wind> Why is everyone on red...
    <X\Wind> Is Sky that awesome?
    Quote Originally Posted by Steam
    20:48 - Sky: one does not simply ban him
    20:49 - Wind: we must gather the chaos emeralds and blast him

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    Well finally the 30th anniversary game... wait This says 2012 I rectify the 31st anniversary game It's just a joke

    that the Sonic Team take all time that is necessary to make this a great game, even if it comes out on the 32nd anniversary. I don't want another Sonic Forces
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