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Thread: Sketch-Hog on the SRB2 Skybase!

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      Sketch-Hog on the SRB2 Skybase!

      Version: V1.0, by (Member) BrightEmerald is offline
      Developer Last Online: Nov 2021
      Category: [Character] SRB2 Version: v2.2.x   Rating: 
      Submitted: October 7th, 2021  
      Re-usable Content  

      This is an SRB2 Skybase version of the Sketch-Hog mod, if anyone is having trouble downloading or I deleted the mod. So enjoy Sketch-Hog!
      Sketch-hog is a sketched up character/version of Sonic! He is from the Sonic Mania Teaser Trailer and has entered the SRB2 Universe, the SRB2MB and now here!
      Sketch-Hog's abilities are: Drop Dash. Jump then hold spin to dash when you hit the ground! Ability 2: Spindash. Regular spindash. Ability 3: Double Jump. Double jump to double jump Ability 4: Peel-out. Press Custom 1 to dash forward! Hold to charge!
      Hope you enjoy this mod. See you next time!



      Additional Notes

      • Please be mindful of using other people's works. If the modification is not marked as "Re-usable Content", ask the developer for permission before using their work in your mod.

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    Welcome to modifications! I wish they brought back Sonic the Sketchhog, that was a really nice game...
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    Yey first release here

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