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      The Smiles Pack

      Version: v6.1/v1.3, by (Member) Smiles The Fox is offline
      Developer Last Online: May 2024
      Category: [Character] SRB2 Version: v2.2.x   Rating: 
      Submitted: January 16th, 2022  
      WAD File Contains Lua Character(s)
      Re-usable Content Contains SOC Uses Content From Other Sources Music / SFX(s)  

      So.. I decided to make a character pack

      Future Smiles
      The main smiles in the character pack

      Double Jump

      Pressing jump again after jumping once makes you jump again

      SADX Spindash And Fire Trails

      You can activate a spindash while running or walking.
      Smiles will emit fire trails while spinning.
      Your turning will be sharper too

      If you have smiles added and are using the color "Jet", you can emit fire trails without being smiles.

      Also you can jump out of the spin to keep your sharp turning

      Fire Toss

      Smiles can throw fire with the "Fire" Key. (the button you use to throw rings in match mode)
      be careful as this costs rings
      Shield abilites
      Smiles has different abilites to replace firetoss when having different shields (only 3 at the moment), you still lose one ring when using these
      Armageddon: Bombs

      Elemental, Force, and Bubble: Ice Balls

      Attraction and Thunder: Magnetic Field
      Sunglasses Taunt

      Press Tossflag to put on some sunglasses.

      Fire Smiles, Snow Smiles, and Hyper Smiles
      If you have 50 rings + 7 chaos emeralds, you can turn into smiles' super form, Fire Smiles by pressing custom 2
      If you have 100 rings + 7 chaos emeralds, you can turn into Hyper Smiles.
      If you have all of the sol emeralds with rushchars added, you can turn into Snow Smiles by pressing spin midair.
      Legacy Smiles
      The Black Tails lookalike
      Attachment 8741
      He can fly by holding jump midair, has dash mode and goes...faster than alt sonic
      Attachment 8747

      Smiles v6.1 and Legacy Smiles v1.3
      Smiles has some new moves explained in the new CSS
      Smiles and Smiles is gone
      Smiles and Legacy Smiles now supports the new update of smiles
      Legacy Smiles continue sprite is offset correct now
      I will add the stuff to the thread soon.
      Credits and Notes:
      SADX Spindash:


      Additional Notes

      • Please be mindful of using other people's works. If the modification is not marked as "Re-usable Content", ask the developer for permission before using their work in your mod.

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    Welcome to modifications!
    Quote Originally Posted by SRB2
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    Mystyc Cheez left the game
    <~Sky> Am I too awesome or something?
    <X\Wind> Why is everyone on red...
    <X\Wind> Is Sky that awesome?
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    I made some updates to the character
    Smiles has a different death animation now
    You can change your taunt with "smiles_taunt"
    And something I didn't put in this thread but is in char select is the "smiles_gun" command, this lets you switch the firetoss to a gun.
    Smiles has SRB2Persona support
    Smiles is ACTUALLY fair in ringslinger modes
    Smiles has a boss battle

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    thats a cool mod
    Andrick The Sussy baka

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    Cool mod, I didn't see anywhere that said reusable (edit: I saw after writing this comment), but I want to ask if I can use some of the healthbar code in this mod? I understand if I cannot.

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