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Thread: Soniku11 Coop Map Pack

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      Soniku11 Coop Map Pack

      Version: v3, by (Member) Soniku11 is offline
      Developer Last Online: May 2022
      Category: [Level Pack] SRB2 Version: v2.2.x   Rating: 
      Submitted: May 2nd, 2022  
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      Hello! Is it me! Soniku11! here i bring us with my probably forgotten Coop Map pack, which still has lotta work to be done, probably bug fixing, adding new content to the existing maps, and a big etcetera. For now the pack counts with 13 maps, at the time of posting this. You can play it as the character you wish, as i made sure to let all characters, or at least most, to beat the maps. There might be some characters that lack some of the requirements to go in any path, but its fine, the pack isnt finished anyways, so its held to changes in the future.

      Here are the pictures for all of the coop maps existing on this file!

      Just a Small Warning, all pictures are in the wrong order because how the file uploading system works!.



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    Thanks!. I just updated the pk3 file as the time i'm typing this reply, just small bug fixes, like a desynch on a clouds parkour at MAP04, and a few other small things. No need to replay it anyway, as the gameplay didnt changed, just did some small adjustments

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