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Thread: Sonic Superstars

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    Sonic Superstars

    Sonic Superstars has released this week to many platforms, critic reviews have been positive so far as well.


    Official Website:

    Additionally, some animations and even a mini comic have been released for this game.

    What are your thoughts on this game? Picking it up for a specific console or platform? Discuss below if you wish!

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    Played it quite a bit, currently on the post-game mode after you complete the main story mode.

    - Physics being accurate is awesome.
    - Difficulty is good, although bosses could use a lot less HP and some checkpoints.
    - Level design is a blast.
    - I like the graphics a lot, especially the character models and animations.
    - Music is...hit or miss. I actually have no issue with Sonic 4-style music (melody and instrumentation-wise), especially since the melodies are good, but it's weird hearing a mix of that and actual modern-styled music. They really should let go off trying to make music classic, because it's not really working well.

    Probably would give it a 7/10.
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